Mindfulness for Stress Management

This 12-week training program will teach the mind to pay attention, on purpose, without judgement in order to enable the power of choice for taking wise action in life.

Your Health is Your CHOICE ...

This is not about following a diet, getting X number of reps, or dropping essential oils on your pillow to sleep better. CHOICE Nutrition & Wellness is about revamping your lifestyle.  Making a CHOICE each day to improve upon yesterday because you are worth it.

Changing habits is a long & winding road.

We try, we fail, we get up, we re-prioritize and try again until we get it right.
You have the power and we provide the guidance and support through the process.

We are a team!

We will inspire you to approach change as a question to which you are seeking an answer, rather than a problem to which you are needing a solution. You'll reap the benefits if you put in the work.

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